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Top quality registered British Shorthair and Chinese Tank cat breeding

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Mokanelle is a registred British and Chinese Tank breeders. We have unearthed some of our first top quality cats and are expecting more breeders for the next year. We will also have exquisite cats with dominant blue eyes to give lovers of British and rare and exotic cats the cream of the crop!  

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Very soon!

We are a small, ethical family farm that promotes the well-being and health of animals above all! We are located in Quebec. Both conservative and innovative, we have indeed chosen a well-established breed and will work on a traditional type, but we also want to integrate into our project new genes, a breed in the making as well as exotic colors. Note that our ethics are essential and that it is therefore inevitable for us to have healthy cats free from diseases. We therefore carry out, without sparing, all the genetic tests and examinations necessary to meet our high standards and to provide, to lovers of British and rare cats, excellence.

We will specialize in the “Moka range”, as we like to call it! Exceptional kittens made up of the colors Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn will be our goal!

Beautiful light Lilacs with copper eyes will be on the menu and for lovers of the Longhair, you might well come across a few! In collaboration with the ice project , you will also have the chance to be dazzled by unique cats with dominant blue eyes and double faces.

We will prioritize an exceptional type that conforms to the breed standard and hope to make many happy with our little Puffs!


Keep an eye out! They may arrive earlier than you think!

Nous serons spécialisés dans la «gamme Moka», comme nous aimons l'appeler! Des chatons au type exceptionnel composés des couleurs Chocolat, Lilac, Cannelle et Fawn seront notre objectif à atteindre!

De beaux Lilac clairs aux yeux cuivrés seront au menu et pour les amoureux du Longhair, vous pourriez bien en croiser quelques uns! En collaboration avec le projet ice, vous aurez égallement la chance d'être éblouis pas des chats uniques aux yeux bleus dominants et double face.

Nous prioriserons un type d'exception conforme au standard de la race et espérons faire bien des heureux avec nos petits Puffs!


Gardez l'œil ouvert! Il se peut qu'ils arrivent plus tôt que vous ne le croyez!



Feline Associations

Note that the breeder who registers his breeding with one or more associations must register all his breeding cats and all the kittens he produces so that they are part of the genealogical register of the association.

To be considered and sold as a purebred cat, the cat must be registered and have its own registration certificate (not only its parents…). The breeder must provide you with this document, in your name, within a reasonable time.

Despite this, the registration of the breeding or the cattery is not a guarantee of quality because the associations do not carry out an inspection of the breeding. It is not their mandate.

If you adopt an unregistered kitten, you are not adopting a purebred kitten. Neither the breeder, nor you really know the ancestors, so it is impossible to know if there was reproduction between close relatives (consanguinity). You also don't know if any diseases are present in the kitten's ancestors. You adopt blindly and you are about to pay too much for a domestic kitten. By purchasing an unregistered kitten, you may be taking additional risks. Be careful.


The International Cat Association or simply TICA, is one of the largest associations keeping records of purebred cats, providing pedigrees and establishing breed standards. It was founded in 1979 in the United States.


The Canadian Cat Association is a Canadian association that keeps records of purebred cats, provides pedigrees and sets breed standards. Created in 1960, in 2010 it had more than 190,000 registered cats.


Chats Canada Cats is the first Canadian cat association to officially seek incorporation under the Animal Pedigree Act. The CCC also offers several training courses accredited by recognized associations depending on the area of expertise.

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Thank you for what you sent !

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