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The British Shorthair is a breed of cat that originated in Great Britain, which earned it its particular name. It first appeared in 1871 at an exhibition and its natural beauty made it popular. His breeding is difficult because he must meet certain standards to be considered a full British Shorthair.


A teddy bear!

The British Shorthair can range in size from medium to large. Females weigh an average of three to four pounds while males are more around five to eight pounds. It is recognized by a massive and powerful body but also a short and thick tail.

The great diversity of colors available contributes to its success as well as the color of its eyes. Considered initially as an alley cat, the fate of this unique breed will change to become one of the most prized in the world.


The Shorhair is distinguished by the prominent curves of each part of its body, giving it the appearance of teddy bears; peculiarities that are not found in other breeds of cats. With its very muscular limbs and large bones, the British Shorthair appears like a robust cat. Its tail is characterized by its thickness over its entire length. The neckline is quite short which often suggests that he simply does not have one!


Its head is often considered apple-shaped because it has very round lines. The cheeks are indeed full while his nose is short but with particular nostrils. They must be curved and open for the cat to be identified as part of this breed.


His eyes are always wide open, also have a nice round shape and are at a fairly large distance from each other. This physical peculiarity should bring out the fact that the nose is curved.

The British Shorthair always has an eye color to match the color of his dress. The ears are wide at the base and end in a nice rounded shape. For a balance on the face, they are spaced in the same way as the eyes.


Her dress is what will allow her to rank among the British Shorthairs. It should be short and dense with a very tight coat. The hair separates from the body only when the cat turns its head. There are seventeen shades of coat for this breed of cat, which is exceptional. Among all the possibilities, the British Shorthair can present a single-colored or striped dress with several possible models


A big happy potato! : D

Quiet and peaceful by nature, they fit perfectly into a family environment. They particularly appreciate being able to play, accepting all activities without complaining. However, it will be necessary to ensure that children are aware that it is an animal and not a soft toy in order to respect it despite its very tolerant nature.

Able to cohabit with other cats or with dogs, they show an amazing capacity for adaptation. Not forgetting their hunter nature, they are able to bring back prey and it will be relevant to provide them with games where they can fulfill this role.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Le British Shorthair: À propos de nous


The tight, short coat of this type of cat requires very little maintenance, which will be a benefit for adopters. Brushing of all of its fur should be done once a week to preserve its beauty. The British have the particularity of moulting with the changes of seasons so it will be necessary to be attentive and to carry out daily brushing during these key periods.



Easy Education

Very attached to their owner, they will know how to be present without being intrusive because they preserve a certain independence. They are a perfect company to find a little softness and serenity in his contact. They need a lot of tenderness and therefore like homes where the teachers have the necessary time to devote themselves to them. Endowed with a rare intelligence, they understand all the events and will have surprising reactions according to the mood or the difficulties that their master is encountering.

The British Shorthair is the ideal cat to be adopted by all , even those who have never owned a pet before. Very obedient, it will be possible to set strict rules. The cat will respect them above all because he likes to be appreciated by his master. Pleasing him will therefore be a way of showing him his attachment. Buying a cat tree can be a good idea for him to get his nails done and play in it.



Thanks to its origins, the British Shorthair is a robust cat with iron health.

However, certain genetic diseases are present in the breed such as polycystic kidney disease dominant type - especially because the British Shorthair descends from the Persian, which is particularly affected by this disease - and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In order to ward off these affections in the British Shorthair, breeders must be tested and spayed if positive so as not to pass on the gene. That is why it is very important to choose a responsible breeder.

Le British Shorthair: À propos

Risk of overweight!

Despite the strong muscles of the British Shorthair, it is necessary to monitor his diet carefully so that he maintains a reasonable weight and does not lose his good shape.

Interactive exercises are necessary in order to avoid any weight gain.

Ideally, provide the British Shorthair with a cat tree and toys, such as small balls or mice stuffed with catnip, to get him moving a bit.

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