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So many choices!

Before selecting the right breeder, it is important to have chosen the right cat breed based on what suits your personality and lifestyle. Indeed, not all races look like you! You are presented with a range of choices, but be careful and analyze the compatibility of your character and your daily life with the temperament, the degree of energy and the need for attention and care of the breed you covet. When it comes to British lovers, you couldn't be happier! It adapts to any type of environment and requires little care.



"A beautiful purebred kitten that feels good in its paws is not the result of chance, but the rigorous upstream work of serious breeders over several generations of cats as well as a daily passion of the breeder who gives birth to them and takes care of it with all the love and rigor that the profession demands. The operation of a cattery also has a cost: quality food, litter, daily care, health tests, equipment, pregnancy monitoring (ultrasound, radio), any external coverings, the pedigree. .. Everything is necessary to ensure the good health of our cats and kittens. All this at a price: that of quality. ”

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How to choose?

Not all breeders deserve your trust. It is important to carefully study their ethics before making your choice. The primary objective of buying a purebred cat is to ensure that you have an animal that is both magnificent and distinctive, but above all in good physical, genetic and psychological health! The bulk of your investment is in ensuring that your animal has impeccable genetics in terms of health. So be demanding of breeders. Ask for references, find out about their feline association, and ask what health tests are done on breeding animals. Visit their website and social networks; the presentation, comments and opinions will help you make your choice. Ask questions, because that's exactly what will spark your ears! Dare to talk about socialization, the daily environment of the kittens, the food used, the frequency of litters on females and above all, ask for the pedigree.


To Banish!

To begin with, eliminate quantity breeders from your interest because they overlook quality. We are mainly talking about the quality of life of the cats in this type of breeding which are often in cages, led to overproduce by exhausting the females by too frequent gestations to the detriment of their health. The quality of care, food, time, everything is neglected, because the first goal is $$$ dollars. Cat factories are NOT ethical and you could unwittingly buy an animal in poor physical and psychological health.


Family breeding

Instead, direct your research towards family farms where cats are an integral part of family life. Passionate breeders do it above all for the love of animals and you will have the chance to take in a balanced cat, socialized and used to a healthy environment. He will have received all the love he needs to give it back to you!


Words fly away, writings remain!

Beware of kittens sold without paper! Obviously, a “purebred” kitten bought on the internet at half price is enticing! However, it is difficult to guarantee the health, quality and even the legitimacy of the breed is to be questioned. Make sure you have proof of registration from an official cat association with a pedigree. A kitten resulting from random matings in an unlisted way carries risks of inbreeding, genetic diseases or interbreeding ... a big problem for the physical, morphological and psychological health of the kitten. Discount cats are not a bargain, they are only a reflection of the quality of care invested by the seller.


Health and safety above all

Every breeder should be aware of the diseases and health problems that his breed may encounter. Inform yourself and ask questions; Serious breeders will have the answers and in their possession proof of the tests performed on the parents, a parasite treatment protocol as well as a certified assessment of the health of the kittens. They will also give you an official health record from the veterinarian with follow-up on vaccines. Most breeders will also have the kitten sterilized and microchipped to give you additional security. A contract between you and the breeder will protect you both and the kitten; make sure there are health guarantees!


A reciprocal choice based on trust

After having carefully selected the ethical breedings which inspire you the most and which meet your tastes, you must now designate the breeder; but don't forget that he must choose you too! Indeed a breeder puts all his love and his passion to get you the cat of your dreams. Each kitten is a part of his heart that he entrusts to you! The realization of all your steps therefore depends on your good relationship with the breeder. Be courteous, respect his work and clearly present your project, your intentions and a small description of your daily life and environment. The breeder will assess the conditions you present to him, ask you questions, and will have to choose whether or not to trust you. Stay honest and transparent, this is what will strengthen your relationship. Remember that quality comes at a price and keep in mind that your discussions will be about a living being, loved and cherished by the one who saw him or her born and grow.

If all goes well, you will be the proud owner of a beautiful, healthy and well-behaved cat!

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