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A kitten well in its paws

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

“A beautiful purebred kitten that feels good in its paws is not the result of chance, but the rigorous upstream work of serious breeders over several generations of cats as well as the daily passion of the breeder who gives birth to them and takes care of it with all the love and rigor that the profession demands. The operation of a cattery also has a cost: quality food, litter, daily care, health tests, equipment, pregnancy monitoring (ultrasound, radio), any external coverings, the pedigree. .. Everything is necessary to ensure the good health of our cats and kittens. All this at a price: that of quality. ”



Our kittens are an integral part of our daily life. They will leave the house socialized and having received all the love they need to give back to you! We will be very selective in the choice of future adopters, because we want our cats to have a good sofa life surrounded by a loving family that cares about their well-being.

For their safety, we strongly recommend an indoor life. The exterior being unpredictable, it would be preferable to remove them from the dangers and their dramatic consequences (poisoning, collision with vehicles, aggression of other animals ...) The character of the British will allow him to adapt and appreciate the comfort of your own home.


  • Micro-Chips

  • Vaccinated with a vaccination booster

  • Health book

  • Sterilize

  • Certificates of good health by our veterinarian

  • Certificate and sales contract

  • Health guarantees: 1 year congenital, 21 day PIF, 72 hours viral.

  • Registered TICA-CCA-CCC-REFR

  • Copy of parents' pedigrees and health tests

  • A kitten kit (toys, food samples)



Our kittens will leave dewormed (worms, fleas, ticks). They are treated regularly against internal and external parasites from birth.

Additional genetic or health tests can be performed on the kittens at the request of the adopters and in addition to the sale price.


The price may vary depending on the market, the colors, the selected marriage, the quality of the kitten.

Our breeders have been carefully selected from the most renowned breeders in the world with a remarkable superior quality. The investment for these parents is conscious.

The prices for companionship depend on whether the kitten has short legs or not, blue, copper or standard eyes and certain colors are also rarer and can influence the price which can be between $ 2000 and $ 3500. 


Note that if you buy from overseas, the price will be higher and you will have to assume the transport costs and additional requirements.


The prices with reproduction rights will be determined at the time of purchase and are much higher than the price for the company.



First of all, it is important to mention that Mokanelle reserves the privilege of choice on all litters. This does not necessarily mean that we will keep kittens on each of them, however, we will always prioritize warranty returns, improvement, development and succession of our breeding. We focus on the constant improvement of our lines in order to offer adopters the highest possible quality. Unselected kittens will be available for adoption.


As the first step for the adoption of a kitten, it is enough to make clear mention of your interest by email or private messaging (facebook / instagram)

No deposit will be required to be added to the waiting list, only when officially booking a kitten. However, you will have to fill out a form and provide your contact details for me to be able to reach you when your reservation right arrives and to keep you informed of the evolution of the waiting list.


When your turn comes, you will have the opportunity to choose your kitten among those available. An additional non-refundable amount of the half price of the kitten will be required to reserve it. (800$ - 1250$)

Don't worry, if you don't like any of them, it is possible to skip the following ones without losing their place in the list for the next litters.


Note that no reservations will be accepted until the kittens have had their 1st vaccine (approximately 10 weeks). This is to ensure that the kitten's state of health is acceptable and optimized when booking.

This time is also necessary for the breeder to evaluate the evolution of the kittens and to determine if they will stay at the cattery.


After booking your kitten, you will regularly receive photos and videos of its development. We understand that the wait to welcome your little furball can seem endless! But know that it is very important that the kitten is properly weaned and psychologically ready to be separated from its mother. Usually 3 months is enough.

Regarding visits to the cattery, it is unfortunately not advisable to consider the possibility. Indeed, the risks incurred by kittens during exposure at such a young age are too great. You will therefore have to be patient;)


The big day when the kitten will be ready to start her new life will come soon enough! You will need to be prepared too! Make sure you have everything your pet will need to be happy and healthy. Think of food, toys, bed, a cat tree and scratching post: in short, the basis for its arrival at your home!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

When you and the kitten are ready, we will schedule an appointment so that you can pick up your pet. Plan to bring a rigid transport cage. We will not allow the kitten to travel in an unsafe manner.

If you are not able to pick it up within the prescribed time (the day after its 3 months of life), a fee of $ 10 per day will be added to the amount payable. Note that from the day scheduled for taking possession of the kitten, you are 100% responsible for all forms of accidents or complications occurring both at home and at the cattery.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We make ourselves available to you for the life of your cat. We will do our best to advise and guide you throughout this magnificent adventure! Keep us informed and send us pictures of the best moments spent with them, it will be heartwarming to receive them!


Saint-Jérôme, QC, Canada

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